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The good reputation of extra virgin olive oil has been increasing worldwide. During the past fifty years, its production and consumption have grown and spread exponentially, in part thanks to the trail left by important scientific discoveries that have confirmed its nutritional and healthy properties as an important part of a well balanced diet.

In the last few years, the number of olive farms and oil mills has continued to grow and, in response to the international appreciation for the product, they are investing in improving the quality of their extra virgins and in gaining a place on the market.
Even the interest and curiosity of consumers towards new kinds of extra virgin continues to increase. Yet, for a small olive farm, leaving aside anonymity and reaching out to the global market
is far from easy, since it requires funds and skills that are often not available to them.

Finding special oils made by small farms, selecting them and purchasing them directly are complicated and expensive operations for importers and distributors abroad and often represent a real obstacle.
The catalogue, which is updated yearly and is easy to use, is intended to provide international operators with information on high quality Italian extra virgin olive oils, including a selection of and information about Italian olive farms.
The initiative was proposed to a vast number of Italian olive producers, which were selected based on their compliance with the minimum requirements to meet the needs of importers abroad.


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