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Mariassunta Faienza


Via Sant'Alfonso de' Liguori, 28, 71017 Torremaggiore (FG)
Region: Puglia

Phone +39 0882386027,
Fax +39 0882386027
The Faienza Farm was founded about 10 years ago and is managed by Mariassunta Faienza and Giambattista De Florio. The olive groves are located in the hill country of Torremaggiore, in the province of Foggia. The terrain is especially suited to the Peranzana, an excellent cultivar grown in a low vase shape, which is the traditional form of olive cultivation in the Alto Tavoliere delle Puglie area. This area is especially suited to oil production of the DOP Dauno geographic denomination, a sub-region of the Alto Tavoliere. The small farm administers an olive grove that spans approximately two hectares and includes two hundred centuries-old trees. One of the principal goals of the farm is combining distinctiveness with innovation while guaranteeing reliability and quality to consumers, also by means of the “territory-short chain”. For this reason, the farm matches innovative and environmentally friendly processing technology with tradition. Cultivation takes place according to environmentally friendly methods. The harvest is carried out mechanically, usually during the first ten days of November. The oil is extracted by cold pressing within two hours following the olives’ arrival at the mill.
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La Peranzana
Year of foundation
Gianluigi Beccia (Sales Manager)