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Oleificio Stella

Oil Mill
Via della Sila, 87060 Cropalati (CS)
Region: Calabria

Phone +39 098361145,
Fax +39 098361145

Stella Oil Mill is a modern facility, specialized in the production of quality olive oil. It is located in the hills facing the splendid Ionian Sea coastline. Stella Oil Mill selects only olives which come from centuries-old olive groves of the best local varietals, such as Dolce di Rossano. The olive oils are organically certified and produced with a modern continuous cycle mill. Stella Oil Mill also produces denomination of origin oils, attesting to its close ties to the land and quality production methods. The oil mill was established in 1910 and in 1976 Domenico Marino purchased it. It began as a small oil mill that used a millstone and presses to mill the olives. In 1987, a modern continuous cycle system was installed. After ten years, the processing was moved to a new building in the suburbs of Cropalati. The processing activity has since doubled and a laboratory for bottling the oil was added. Stella Oil Mill produces extra virgin olive oil, Dop Bruzio and organic oil.
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Year of foundation
Pierluigi Marino (Sales Manager)