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Oleificio Bruno Mottillo

Oil Mill
C.da Cappuccini,10, 86035 Larino (CB)
Region: Molise

Phone +39 0874822212
Fax +39 0874822212
Founded in 1959 by Mariangelo Mottillo, the Mottillo Oil Mill is currently run by his son Bruno. The farm has approximately 4 hectares of specialized olive groves, where there are 600 trees of the autochthonous Gentile di Larino variety. The olive grove is at approximately 400 metres above sea level. Harvesting is hand picked, and the olives, which are crushed after just a few hours in the farm’s own oil mill, are processed in a continuous-cycle facility. During the past year the farm has started to produce and market its own olive paste.
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Bruno Mottillo
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Bruno Mottillo (+39 3356089398)