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SocietÓ Agricola Sciuga

Farm & oil mill
Via del Lago Km. 5,000, 01027 Montefiascone (VT)
Region: Lazio

Phone +39 063332290,
Fax +39 063332290

The estate is located on a hillside in the splendid Tuscia country, the Etruscan territory between Montefiascone and Lake Bolsena. At the heart of the property lies the farmhouse which dates back to the 1700s. The farm has always been managed with careful attention to the environment, as its choice of utilizing organic farming methods for all crops (from olives to wheat, corn, barley) proves. Olive growing comprises the farm’s principal activity and its olive grove consists of centuries-old trees of the Canino and Frantoio varietals. The olives are harvested during the first days of October at optimal maturity. They are harvested by branch combing, gathered in large nets and then placed in well-ventilated containers. The olives are milled in the company mill, a continuous cycle cold press system, just hours after the harvest. The farm is located near Lake Bolsena where a special microclimate gives the oil a smoothness and balance unique to Italian olive oil. The lake area is a favorite tourist destination because of its wild, uncontaminated beauty and historical importance. In fact, Montefiascone was the site of an ancient fortified city housing the “Fanum Voltumnae”, a sacred Etruscan place of worship.
Oils described in this guide
Il Molino
Year of foundation
Annalisa Torzilli (Administrator)