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Laura Fagiolo

Oil Mill
Via Arci - Fraz. Passo Corese, 02032 Fara in Sabina (RI)
Region: Lazio

Phone +39 0765487036,
Fax +39 0765488513

The Fagiolo Farm is located in hilly Sabina, an area which has been known for its olive farming and oil production since ancient times, as witnessed by olive pits that have been found dating back to the 7th and 6th century B.C.
The farm is multipurpose, focusing on animal husbandry, cereal crops, olive growing and processing.
Olives, which are hand picked right off the tree when still green, are stone milled, while the oil is cold centrifuged so as to retain its important organoleptic properties. The growing methods comply with the EEC 2078/92 environmental standards.
The Fagiolo Farm also offers farmhouse holidays and educational farm vacations. At the farm, in fact, people can taste the local products (like honey, traditional pastries from the Sabina area, cold cuts) and spend the night at the Agriturismo La Raia (La Raia Agricultural Tourism), where products can also be purchased.
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Laura Fagiolo (Administrator)

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