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SocietÓ Agricola Forcella

Via Riviera, 285, 65100 Pescara (PE)
Region: Abruzzo

Phone +39 08573030,
Fax +39 0854213614

The Forcella farm is located in the Abruzzi Region, in the Pescara province, in one of the PDO Aprutino Pescarese growing areas.

For generations now, the Forcella family has been producing olive oil using olives grown on their farms. In 1924,Giacinto

Forcella purchased properties in Città S.Angelo, near the ancient estate of the Di Silvi family, in order to continue growing olives. During the sixties, the olive growing activity was taken even further by Giacinto’s son-in-law, Italo Iannetti. Nowadays, the farm is run by Italo’s sons, Giovanni and Paolo Iannetti, who continue producing oil with the greatest care

and passion.

The farm is located on hills overlooking the sea, at an altitude of 100 metres; its location is ideal for growing local olive varieties, such as dritta and leccino, as well as other types like frantoio and intosso.

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Olga Di Bartolomeo (Sales Manager)

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