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Oil Mill
Via Luigi Rossi, 24, 71017 Torremaggiore (FG)
Region: Puglia

Phone +39 0882386505,
Fax +39 0882384077

The farm is located at the center of a vast district that slopes from the Daunia Pre-Apennines toward the Tavoliere plain. Centuries-old olive groves extend as far as the eye can see and circle the lovely town of Torremaggiore in the province of Foggia. In 1995, the GRACO farm was established on this land which is particularly suited to agriculture. It was founded by Mrs. Maria Costanza Bosco and her family with a precise goal: to produce and improve typical products. The company utilizes a plant which is divided into three areas of production. The first manages table olive processing and comprises a continuous cycle mill and millstones. The second area is used as a laboratory for processing artisanal products and the third for storage and packaging. The farm has been a member of the “Corporation of Master Oil Producers” since 1997. This association, which includes the most valid experts in the field, is present world-wide, improving and promoting high quality extra virgin olive oil. The farm’s oils are tracked and certified according to regulations in force nationally and internationally. The area in which the farm is located is filled with tourist attractions of great cultural importance, recognized internationally, such as Castel Fiorentino, where Federico II of Swabia died, the Ducal Castle of Torremaggiore and the Sanctuary of Saint Mary of the Fountain.
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