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Rosellina Di Salvo

Via Enrico Albanese, 19, 90100 Palermo (PA)
Region: Sicilia

Phone +39 3382908091

The Di Salvo Organic Farm is located in the Province of Palermo, at 450 metres above sea level, and is part of the former Feudo Chibbò Barbarico purchased in 1930. Traditionally intended for cereal crops, the farm chose to reconvert part of the durum wheat production, converting approximately 20 hectares to growing walnuts and cherries, and to intensive farming of 3600 olive trees of the Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice varieties. All stages of the production cycle are carefully monitored: harvesting is done exclusively by hand picking to avoid damaging the fruit and continuous-cycle milling is started immediately thereafter. The oil is then transferred to steel containers and allowed to settle naturally prior to being bottled. The Kibò oil is an entirely organic product and it has also obtained the PDO Val Di Mazara certification. The farm also offers tastings and welcomes tourism. Gastronomic tours, nature hikes and cultural excursions are also arranged.
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Eleonora Briguglia (Sales Manager)

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