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Oleificio Di Vito

Farm & oil mill
C.da Cocciolete,10, 86032 Campomarino (CB)
Region: Molise

Phone +39 0875539257, +39 0875538922
Fax +39 0875539257

The Di Vito Farm is located on the coastal hills of Campomarino, at an altitude of 80 metres above sea level, 4 Kilometres away from the sea. Around 1000 trees are grown on the farm, and for the past about 20 years olives have been milled in the farm’s own oil mill, which is also available to third parties.
Throughout the years, the processing facilities have moved from the traditional pressing system to two-phase continuous-cycle extraction.
The farm has a yearly production of approximately 40 – 50 thousand litres extra virgin olive oil, including PDO Molise and Organic Farming oil. Additionally, it also produces aromatic oils obtained by processing olives with oranges, lemons, chilli peppers or rosemary, according to the desired aroma.
The farm offers guided tours with oil tastings and welcomes people with campers.
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Di Vito
Year of foundation
Number of olive trees
Luigi Di Vito (Administrator)

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