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SocietÓ Agricola Moccari

Moccari: the best products grown with love!

S.P. 81 Mesagne-Tuturano, km 2,000, Contrada Moccari, 72023 Mesagne (BR)
Region: Puglia

Phone +39 0831772090, +39 0831730680
Fax +39 0831776922

Oronzo Abbracciavento and his wife Rosa have become owners of the farm Moccari, aristocratic residence dating back to the seventeenth century, in 1990. Has since commenced a company that has grown over time and has established itself in the production of quality products. Today, his sons Joseph, Angelo and Anna Maria produce extra virgin olive oil, wine and fruit genres with the method of integrated pest management with enthusiasm, passion and dedication to continuing the tradition of farming parents. Moccari The company covers approximately 80 acres of property in the countryside of Mesa in the province of Brindisi in an area particularly suited, and are bred with care approximately 2150 olive trees between secular and more recently planted, fruit, wine grapes, artichokes, tomatoes and many other vegetables. The company's modus operandi is always marked by the pursuit of quality in an environmentally and health of consumers. You can make business visits to get closely in touch with what is the true reality of production and you can taste the various products such as extra virgin olive oil, wines of local varieties and of course fruits and vegetables in season.
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Moccari Tracciato
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Angelo Abbracciavento (+39 3384710840)