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Colle Rotondo

Singular round shape in the middle of the valley

Via Colle Rotondo, 04015 Priverno (LT)
Region: Lazio

Phone +39 067820675; +39 0678384895
Fax +39 067820675
A farm made of 15 hectares from 1200 cultivated only as olive tree, it is situated in an environment that is in favour to olive-growing. Above the Lepini Mountains, on the right distance from the sea, it takes the whole hill with a slope sweetly rocky, with 150 metres of altitude, with a singular round shape almost in the middle of the valley. COLLE ROTONDO is a farm established in 1700 by the forefathers of the actual head, it has hilly country with almost 4500 olive trees only made of ITRANA variety and it has its own air conditioned facilities plants, bottling and packing. Since 1992, it tills in biological production certified and guaranteed by the Ministry of Agriculture and produces, packs and trades the finest qualit of extra virgin olive oil, biologic and mono varietal, unfiltered, cold extracted exclusively from olives of its own farm. It includes between its costumers ultra-luxury five star hotels, high-class restaurants, wine bars and supermarkets both in Italy and abroad.
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Colle Rotondo monocultivar
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Salvatore Reali (+39 3495037188)
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