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Azienda Biologica Orsini

Farm & oil mill
Via Villa Meri, 10, 04015 Priverno (LT)
Region: Lazio

Phone +39 0773904086, +39 0773913030
Fax +39 0773913030

The Paola Orsini Farm is located in Priverno, in the Lepini Mountains basin. Four thousand centuries old olive trees, alternated by almond and citric trees, are grown on a hill of approximately 50 hectares, using organic farming methods.
The farm is equipped with a continuous-cycle oil mill and a special oil extraction system that prevents it from passing into the centrifugal separator. Processing is done at temperatures that never exceed 27°C, in compliance with cold extraction regulations thus retaining the chemical-physical properties of the oil. The oil mill has been organically certified and complies with good milling practices passed down through the family for generations. The family has been involved in this activity since the early 20th century.
The farm is open year round and welcomes visitors, especially in the period between October and December, when olives are harvested and milled.
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Paola Orsini
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Paolo Fiormonti (Sales Manager)

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