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Aproli Bari - SocietÓ Cooperativa Agricola

Via Antonio e Nicola Sorrentino, 6, 70100 Bari (BA)
Region: Puglia

Phone +39 0805520378,
Fax +39 0805520386

APROLI is a farmer’s co-operative with office in Bari. Although its members only represent 6% of the Province’s olive growers, its 22,000 hectares of productive land makes up a good 15% of the Bari area production, and production adds up to 75,000 quintals of extra virgin olive oil. APROLI’s main goals are to make use of, promote and market the oil produced by its members. Aside from promoting development, study and research programs, APROLI also carries out agricultural promotion, crop adaptation and rationalization programs with direct actions intended to improve oil quality, without detriment to the environment or to food safety. APROLI implements an integrated production system that allows organizing and making use of its members’ olive production, guaranteeing and certifying Italian olive oil and emphasizing the quality typical of the production areas.
Year of foundation
Number of olive trees
Carmela Lo Verde (Sales Manager)
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