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Emanuele Margheriti

A young company with ancient traditions

Via Cavour, 21, 72020 Erchie (BR)
Region: Puglia

Phone +39 0831763114; +39 0831603081
Fax +39 0831763114

Margheriti farm was born in 1986. It is placed in Erchie, province of Brindisi(Apulia), at an altitude of 60 metres above sea level; in the high Salento, in a windy area, very valued for the production of oil. With over 3000 olive trees, placed in San Pancrazio Salentino and Erchie , country side , it produces extra virgin olive oil.The procedure is turned round the qualitative results; first the extreme cure for the olive groves, secondly the best ways of agronomical practises. The oil of Margheriti Farm is one of rare fragrance extra virgin obtained from Leccino, Cipressino, Carolea, Cellina of Nardò, Ogliarola di Lecce with prevalence of Nociara olives. The olives are directly picked from the own tree in October-November with the help of shock interceptor machines, a work endowed of own picking system or using nets. The grinding always happens within six-twuelve hours from picking. The obtained oil, using a cold extraction, presents unique peculiarities in which tastes of Salento are sublimed. It’s an oil from a strong fragrance of olive green, fruity of a middle intensity, persistent and harmonic inclused bitterness and piquant features well balanced, with a delicate almond aftertaste. To reinforce the philosophy of high quality, Margheriti farm has chosen to join projects concerning a traceable net, according to standard ISO 22005 : 07, Certified Agricoltural Quality and conversion into Biological Agricolture. Margheriti Farm is equipped with a business farm shop where extra-virgin olive oil can be tasted and bought.
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Emanuele Margheriti (+39 3405943186)