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Aprol Abruzzo - SocietÓ Cooperativa Agricola

C.da Vibrata, 72, 64010 Colonnella (TE)
Region: Abruzzo

Phone +39 0861757014,
Fax +39 0861710854
APROL Abruzzo was founded in 1978 as an association of olive producers. In 2005 it became a farmers’ cooperative. From its inception, Aprol has always provided knowledge-sharing to its members for quality improvement of olive and oil production. It provides technical assistance in the field with products and equipment and organizes pruning and oil tasting courses. The Aprol members’ olive groves lie in low and medium hill country, between the Adriatic Sea and the mountainside of the Gran Sasso d’Italia. The recently constructed Aprol facility is located outside the city limits of Colonnella and includes their offices and factory with milling, storage, packaging and sales plants. Aprol is easily reachable from the A14 Bologna-Bari highway, “Val Vibrata” exit, toward Colonnella. It is possible to visit the Aprol factory which is equipped with a tasting room, factory outlet and ample parking for cars and buses.
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Aprol Abruzzo
Year of foundation
Bruno Rosso (Administrator)