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Ajprol - SocietÓ Cooperativa Jonica Produttori Olivicoli

Producer organization
Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 21, 74100 Taranto (TA)
Region: Puglia

Phone +39 0994527778,
Fax +39 0994551832

AJPROL is a modern and young organization of producers that was born in 2005 as a cooperative and was recognized as association of olive growers in the beginning of ’70s.
The olive growers associated are 6,500, settled in the lands from Salento to Murge – in the south of Apulia- , passing through the local gravina – a cleft like canyon- of the municipalities of Martina Franca, Grottaglie, Massafra, Mottola, Palagiano, Palagianello, Ginosa and Laterza.
This is a unique land where olive tree is the symbol of a poor but generous land, sunny and touched lightly by the sea. The first Greek colonizers were fascinated by this land and settled here, seven hundreds years B.C., some of the most beautiful cities of Magna Graecia – Greater Greece. Ancient Greek finds can be admired in the national museum of Marta where it is possible to see the famous Golds of Taranto.
The gravina is also an attestation of a civilisation that dates back to two thousands years B.C. with rocky settlements and places of worship. Do not loose the guided visit to the Dolmen of Statte.
All visitors can be hosted in rural house farm. Ajprol organizes guided tours to the most beautiful country hours of the associated olive growers.
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Year of foundation
Adolfo Piangevino (Administrator)
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