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Imbottigliamento Oli Figoli Tommaso

Oil Mill
Viale Sant'Angelo, 231 - C.da Ogliastretti, 87067 Rossano (CS)
Region: Calabria

Phone +39 098382081,
Fax +39 098382081

In 1941 Leonardo Figoli founded the Azienda Olearia Figoli farm. From father to son, nowadays the farm is run by the third generation. The Frantoio Figoli has its origin in a rural background and a culture that is deeply tied to territory and its traditional values.

The olive groves are settled in the area nearby the municipalities of Rossano and Corigliano Calabro. There are centuries old olive trees of Dolce di Rossano variety. By the years, other varieties have been added such as: Carolea, Frantoio, Coratina, Nocellara del Belice and new trees of Dolce di Rossano.

The oil mill, that can be visited with advance booking, is located in Contrada Ogliastretti. The olives are exclusively cold extracted. All the olive oil’s processing steps are entirely carefully monitored: from the planting of olive grove, to the harvesting, from the olive oil’s extraction to the bottling.

The aim of the farm is to conjugate the pleasure of the taste with genuine products.

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Frantoio Figoli
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