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Adria Misiti

A journey within the taste

Loc. Camminate di Mezzo, 04010 Sonnino (LT)
Region: Lazio

Phone +39 0773517922; +39 3356510465
Fax +39 0773 517922
adria.misiti@lecamminate.com; antonio.carbonelli@lecamminate.com

“Le Camminate”, an olive farm nestled in the Sonnino hills, was born in 2002 and it has become organic since 2011. The trees have been growing on dry stone walls dating back to late nineteenth- century; they enjoy a south-western exposure at an altitude of about 400 meters, dominating the agro-pontine farmland and facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Cultivar is the “Itrana” with its very own specific and charateristic qualities, recognized for its historical and scientific merits. Thanks to its optimal climate, our Itrana olive trees, grow and bear fruit in an area of the world were temperature prevents parassitic life. The pureness of “Le Camminate” organic E.V.O. is guaranteed by this privileged location. Its chemical perspective results are characterized by low saturated acids and high quantities of lipids.
The family farm dates back to 1965. We are an artisan company and our goal is the creation of a product with a high qualitative value to stimulate our consumers to approach its tasting as a unique and sublime experience, yet at the same time very authentic.
The name “Le Camminate” originates from an ancient religious candle-light walk which is still performed in this area every year.
The harvesting method is picking which is done either by hand or combed. The picked olives are carefully selected, delivered to the mill and pressed at controlled temperature on the same day.
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Le Camminate
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Adria Misiti (+39 3335850872)
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