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Tenuta di Capezzana

from 804ad wine and olive oil in Carmignano

Farm & oil mill
Via di Capezzana, 100, 59015 Carmignano (PO)
Region: Toscana

Phone +39 0558706005
Fax +39 0558706673

Tenuta di Capezzana in Carmignano, Tuscany, is vineyard royalty -- one of Europe’s most historic wine estates, producing wines with a clearly identifiable sense of style and place. From its vantage point in the Monte Albano hills overlooking Florence, Capezzana, which accounts for over 70% of all DOCG Carmignano produced, is the worldwide ambassador for Tuscany’s smallest and oldest DOCG. 804 marks the first recorded mention of wine and Olive oil production at Capezzana. Today the Contini Bonacossi family pilots this very famous ship in a sea of Chianti. Capezzana has been in the family since the 1920s, when Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi bought the property, along with two neighboring estates. In addition to its world-class wines and an extraordinary collection of old vintages dating back to 1925 (the first vintage bottled under the Contini Bonacossi family), Capezzana is renowned for its superb extra virgin olive oil, the Capezzana culinary center founded in the early 1980s, the charming VinSantaia wine bar open during the summer months, and several beautiful villas available for vacation rental.
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Filippo Contini Boncossi (+39 3939297694)
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