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Oleificio Fratelli Mosci

Extra virgin olive oil that comes from the rural tradition of the Marche

Farm & oil mill
Via Montelatiere, 32/A, 60030 San Marcello (AN)
Region: Marche

Phone +39 731267929
Fax +39 731267929

The " Oleificio F.lli Mosci" was founded in 1980by two brothers Amato and Maurizio Mosci and the activities that start at the center of the country. Both convey the experience and love for this art to the children who, in 1995, decided to build a modern and updated by épunto terms of tecnical quality and sanitation. The new mill will be built in the green countrysideof St. Marcellus. Since 1980 there has been a great evolution with new technologies that offer a product low in acidity and maintain the organolepic characteristcs of homegrown Olives: "l'Oro Antico"
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L'Oro Antico
Year of foundation
Number of olive trees
Lorenzo Mosci (+39 3405975370)