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Antico Frantoio Toscano del Rio Grifone

The most ancient, and at the same time, the most modern oil mill of Monte Pisano

Oil Mill
Loc. Palazzetto, 3, 56010 Vicopisano (PI)
Region: Toscana

Phone +39 050798870
Fax +39 050796707

The "Antico Frantoio Toscano del Rio Grifone" is named after the stream that runs alongside it (that is, the Rio Grifone) which has turned millstones from the beginning of last century. The olives, hand picked, are sent to be pressed, on the same day of the harvest, at the oil mill situated at the ground floor of the farm "Frantoio di Vicopisano". This oil mill uses the typical pressing method, strictly and entirely “cold-pressed” . Here the olives are cleaned from leaves, twigs and stems; then washed, crushed into a paste to undergo malaxation; further sent to a centrifuge and to the final separator to get the oil. The small laboratory of the mill analizes the acidity, peroxides and polyphenols of the oil, then it is stored into stainless steel tanks, topped with inert gas, at a stable temperature under 18° C and at the end bottled. The "Antico Frantoio Toscano del Rio Grifone has become the reference point for the Monte Pisano area and of the local producers as well.
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Nicola Bovoli (+39 335296606)
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