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Il Frantoio di Vicopisano

History of great passion

Loc. Palazzetto, 3, 56010 Vicopisano
Region: Toscana

Phone +39 050796005
Fax +39 050796707

The farm " Frantoio di Vicopisano" is born from the passion of Nicola Bovoli and his family for food and for the Tuscan countryside. The adventure starts in the 80' buying a "casale", an oil mill and 10ha planted with olivetrees, in Vicopisano at the slope of Monte Pisano. The mild climate, the calcareous soil, the nearby wood...everything is perfect for the olive tree cultivation. Over the years, the Bovoli's family buys more land, planted more olive and fruit trees. And little by little the farm "Frantoio di Vicopisano" became reality, a reference point for people who like quality, organic and local products. Infact, Nicola Bovoli, the owner, loves simple, natural things and he had banned chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Here, at the farm, we cultivate and produce on site not only extra virgin and olive oil, but also wine, kiwi and other products respecting the environment. The farm also gives the opportunity to people who want to relax surrounded by olive trees and silence to stay in one of the two apartments that we have here.
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Nicola Bovoli (+39 335296606)
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