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Gregorio De Gregoris

Farm & oil mill
Via Consolare Capocroce, 4066, 04010 Sonnino (LT)
Region: Lazio

Phone +39 0773947004
Fax +39 0773879932

For centuries the family De Gregoris is distinguished by its work in the fields and earth. In 1963, thanks to the intuition of his grandfather Louis, the company bought the first mill in a continuous loop, a real revolution for the time, which has allowed us to become a supplier of extra virgin olive oil from the Vatican City. Today the company has a modern and functional structure, but especially is equipped with ultra-modern installations with two processing lines from 50 tons per hour, stainless steel silos for the storage of olive oil, a plant for bottling. The company gets its "gold-green" in an area known for the production of extra virgin olive oil, where the cultivar itrana is prevalent. The ideal soil and climate conditions of the area, along with attention to the selection of olives, give our oil a higher quality than standard features. In the farm were also created spaces suitable for the reception of guests.
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Gregorio De Gregoris (+39 3491467085)