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Corte Olžas

Quality and identity of the territory in a harmonic olive oil

Vico Vį Roma, 8, 08030 Escolca (CA)
Region: Sardegna

Phone +39 0782807045; +39 0782808274
Fax +39 0782808274

The Società Agricola Corte Olìas is a small olive farm founded in Escolca by Francesco Cadoni in 2007 with the aim to restore and enhance the quality and excellence of the oil of the southern hills of Sarcidano. We are in the heart of Sardinia, a land of folk that often live 100 years, near the nuragic sites of Serri, Barumini, Orroli, a few kilometers from the Giara di Gesturi, where wild ponies still live. An area that for the position, exposure, temperature, soil characteristics provides ideal conditions for the olive cultivation which boasts a long tradition. The company consists of five members who lend the family olive groves. It comprises 20 hectares of olive groves. The plants are of the traditional type, small extent and low density. The cultivars are native and are part of the extraordinary biodiversity heritage of the Sardinian territory: Majorchina (Mallocra or Mallocrina), Tonda di Cagliari, Pibireddu, Bosana Pizz 'e carroga. The olive groves situated in the hills, at an average altitude of 400 m above sea level, are grassy, without irrigation, usually surrounded by dry stone walls or hedges of lentisk and Mediterranean bush, pruned polyconic vase. The harvest is done manually and with mechanical shakers. The harvest time is from October to mid-December and the olives are pressed the same day, a few hours after harvesting. The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks, at a low temperature and under nitrogen pressure.
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Monocultivar Bosana
Francesco Cadoni (+39 3486022012)
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