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La Riserva Bio

We have only aim: the best quality

Strada della Pescheria, 2, 01017 Tuscania (VT)
Region: Lazio

Phone +39 0761424211; +39 3296123052
Fax +39 0761434211

If you think that extra-virgin olive oil is not a simple condiment but a product which is capable of improving any dish, if you’re looking fora n oil with an olive fragrance and health benefits, if you’re looking for not any oil but the best in quality and if you love this noble product of natura, then you’ll want to hear about our farm.

THE FARM - LaRiservaBio organic farm is a smallholding which was founded by owners, Mrs. Anna Maria De Rossi and her husband, an expert in agronomy, from their passion for high quality olive oil. The farm is situated in Tuscania, in the district of Viterbo, an area which has perfect climate and soil conditions for the pressing of prime quality extra-virgin olive oil. The farm also produces cereals and legumes.

THE ORGANIC OIL - LaRiservaBio’s extra-virgin olive-oil is produced through a well supervised process, where quality is always more important than quantity. The olives, which are harvested early, are brought to the press daily and put through a cold extraction system within 24 hours. The oil obtained is then carefully preserved in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen atmosphere and immediately bottled, before being sale. The farm uses Caninese olives, typical of the Tuscia Viterbese region. The taste of extra-virgin olive oil is very well-balanced and agreeable with its characteristic artichoke-like fruitiness, sweet at the beginning, and pleasantly pungent at the end ,due to the presence of antioxydant polyphenols. which have important antioxidant, hypoglycaemic and cholesterol-lowering properties. The olives are harvested early, when they still contain a high percentage of chlorophyll, and have an emerald green colour. At the time of pressing the acidity of the oil is 0.1-0.3 g/l, well under the required limit. A further advantage to the use of Caninese olives is the long shelf life of its oil.
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