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PDO Colline Pontine

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Gregorio De Gregoris
Farm & oil mill

Via Consolare Capocroce, 4066, 04010 Sonnino (LT)
Region: Lazio

Phone +39 0773947004
Fax +39 0773879932

Olitrana comes from a careful selection of olives Itrana grown on the farm. In fact, on a plot of 10 hectares to 450 meters, are planted about 3,000 trees secular age, arranged parallel lines, which are collected the precious olives used for obtained the precious "green gold".
Organoleptic profile
Fruity herbaceous medium type with hints of artichoke, almond and tomato. notes to the taste of hot and intensity of bitter 'medium-light. Aftertaste artichoke and almond.
Olive varieties
Itrana (100%)
Production system
Hammer crushing, Mechanical harvesting, Three-phase continuous-cycle centrifugal extraction
Awards and achievements
2014: L'Orciolo d'Oro National Competition (Distinction Award )
Current export markets
France, Germany