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Organic Farming

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Leonardo Sansonetti

Via Tosiani, 33, 71010 San Paolo Civitate (FG)
Region: Puglia

Phone +39 0882551360
Fax +39 0882551360

In unspoilt countryside, a land rich in history and tradition, in an attractive area for nature and tranquility living longer by more than a hundred years the olive trees of the farm Sansonetti.
We are located in the popular High lowlands of Puglia land that history and tradition has always been dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil, we are a family of traditional country and believe that a good oil always born from expertise, but mainly from the processing of a 'excellent raw material: the Olive Peranzana. A fruity sweet flavor with notes of artichoke, which is associated with a hint of green tomato and almond is the identikit of the oil obtained from the "Peranzana ', with a typical which finds its origin in the tradition, in the genotype and particular soil and climate territorio.L 'pride of our work is the CIVETTUOLO oIL, an oil that contains the tradizionePugliese, the secrets handed down from our grandparents and our passion devoted to reap the fruits of their labor.
The CIVETTUOLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in accordance with the Disciplinary Organic Agriculture exclusively from olives harvested in the groves of our Azienda.Le olives, a few hours after collection, they come to the mill fresh and healthy: an essential condition for an oil fruity aroma and flavor characteristic of oliva.Si get so 'a real "olive juice" absolutely natural and rich in antioxidant compounds, valuable assets for our organization.
Organoleptic profile
The flavor is delicate and complex, it is accompanied by significant shades of thistle, artichoke. Equipped with fruity notes of green olive, light and herbaceous.
Recommended gastronomic uses

A table and the ideal for dressing based on fish and meat for soups and vegetables. Consumed raw or on bread salad in expressing its maximum taste

Olive varieties
Paranzana (100%)
Production system
Hammer crushing, Hand picking, Continuous-cycle centrifugal extraction
Current export markets
France, Germany, United Kingdom

Commercial Information
Bottle type Format (ml) Size (cm) No. of units per carton Weight per carton (kg) Size of carton (cm) No. of cartons per Europallet No. of levels per pallet Weight per pallet (kg)
Width Height Width Height Depth
bottle 250 20 4 25 24 20
bottle 500 6 4 19 28 13
bottle 750 6 6 23 30 16
Can 5000 14.7 31.3 4 21 31 33 25