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Case di Latomie monocultivar

Organic Farming

Case di Latomie monocultivar
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Antonino Centonze

S.S. 115, n.103, 91022 Castelvetrano (TP)
Region: Sicilia

Phone +39 0924907727; +39 0924904231
Fax +39 0924905680

The oil Centonze "Case di Latomie" is an oil with absolutely unique in that all the plants found in the company are allocated directly on the rock inside the "Latomies" left by the Greeks in 800 BC. So the olive trees they feed on the mineral in the rock and composed and download this special oil to give it a sweetness to an unexpected oil Nocellara Belice. History tells us that propio at that time the Greeks introduced the olive massively in the West and this was no doubt in Sicily before anywhere else ......
Organoleptic profile
Appearance: Oil-High density and fog. Deep green color with golden reflections

Aroma: Spicy and herbaceous, sharp and persistent

Taste: fruity, round and full. Great balance with a hint of tomato and sweet almond
Recommended gastronomic uses
Ideal with fish both raw and cooked, but also soups of vegetables, red meat and all the dishes based on vegetables
Production system
Hammer crushing, Hand picking, Two-Phase and a half continuous-cycle centrifugal extraction
Current export markets
Canada, E.U., Japan, U.S.A., China