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Masseria “Il Frantoio”

S.S. 16 Km. 874,000, 72017 Ostuni (BR)
Region: Puglia

Phone +39 0831332441; +39 0831330276
Fax +39 0831330276

The Il Frantoio Farm is located in the Ostuni countryside, just a few kilometres away from the sea. Right in the heart of the soon to be Parco degli Ulivi Secolari (Park of the Centuries Old Olive Trees), the Trecolline Oil is produced from the drupes of these majestic old olive trees. The farm spans 72 hectares, and since 1996 part of their produce is being grown according to the certified organic farming system. Since 2004, the whole property operates under organic farming standards. The PDO Trecolline extra virgin oil is obtained by mixing 70% oil from centuries old olive trees of Ogliarola Salentina and 30% Pecholine, Frantoio, Coratina and Cima di Melfi varieties. The latter varieties were planted 15 years ago. The Trecolline brand name comes from the three hills that surround the olive groves. Aside from extra virgin olive oils, the farm also produces marmalades, fruit rosolios, seeds, herbs and berries and… olive leaves! The cave that once hosted the oil mill has become part of the various structures that make up the Il Frantoio facility, including rooms to accommodate farmhouse holiday guests.
Yearly average production of the oil described in this guide (quintals)
Organoleptic profile
The oil’s color is a bright, clear yellow. The aroma is fruity with notes of artichoke. Its sweetly delicate taste is balanced with bitter and peppery notes.
Recommended gastronomic uses
Excellent as an uncooked seasoning for baked zucchini and eggplant. It also goes well with veal and is ideal for frying since it results in extremely light dishes.
Natural antioxidant content
Class 3
Olive varieties
Ogliarola di Lecce (70%)
Frantoio (10%)
San Felice (10%)
Production system
Mechanical crushing, Continuous-cycle centrifugal extraction
Current export markets
Germany, England, U.S.A.

Commercial Information
Bottle type Format (ml) Size (cm) No. of units per carton Weight per carton (kg) Size of carton (cm) No. of cartons per Europallet No. of levels per pallet Weight per pallet (kg)
Width Height Width Height Depth
bottle 100 4 12 6 12 2 3 26 66 4 8
bottle 500 6 28 12 12 2 3 26 66 4 8
Can 2000 11 31 2 17 33 26 168 4 168