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Terre di Landro

Terre di Landro
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Giulia Di Vincenzo

Via Marchese Ugo, 52, 90100 Palermo (PA)
Region: Sicilia

Phone +39 091342883,
Fax +39 091342883

The farm is located on the borders of the Licata Plain, at the foot of Mount Petrulla, in an area of the Agrigento region that is full of archaeological remains. Since ancient times, the area’s location, climate and soil fertility all favoured human settlement: in fact, this is precisely the area where Greek mythology placed Landro, son of Minos, King of Crete. Therefore, the Terre di Landro name recalls the history and culture of this land. The oil is obtained from autochthonous Sicilian varieties, with a continuous-cycle system and natural settling in steel silos. All production stages, from tilling to bottling, are certified with the Unaprol system, in compliance with UNI 10939:2001 standards.
Yearly average production of the oil described in this guide (quintals)
Organoleptic profile
A beautiful yellow oil with green hues. Its complex fruity is expressed by ripe olive with slight aromas. The clear bitterness is closed by a pleasant spiciness.
Recommended gastronomic uses
The ideal seasoning for roast beef, bean soups and smoked tuna steaks.
Natural antioxidant content
Class 3
Olive varieties
Nocellara del Belice (40%)
Biancolilla (30%)
Moresca (30%)
Production system
Hammer crushing, Three-phase continuous-cycle centrifugal extraction
Current export markets
Traced by Unaprol

Commercial Information
Bottle type Format (ml) Size (cm) No. of units per carton Weight per carton (kg) Size of carton (cm) No. of cartons per Europallet No. of levels per pallet Weight per pallet (kg)
Width Height Width Height Depth
Can 2000 15 18.5 3 6.3 23.5 30 16.5 100 4 630
Can 5000 15 32 4 22 30 35 30 32 3 705
Quadra 500 6.5 24.5 6 5.5 23.5 30 16.5 100 4 330
Quadra 750 7.5 27.5 6 7.5 23.5 30 16.5 100 4 450