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Filomena Coletta
Farm & oil mill

Via Vallerotta, 31, 04010 Sonnino (LT)
Region: Lazio

Phone +39 0773947639,
Fax +39 0773947466

The Coletta Filomena Olive Farm is located in Rave Bianca and Sant’Adamini, two towns from the Sonnino municipality, in the Lazio region. The farm’s large, centuries old, olive groves grow on rocky soil, in dry-wall terraces, typical of the hills in this area. The olive groves mainly face South-West and are near the sea, in an especially favourable microclimate that is very good for growing olives. The harvest is done by hand picking with mechanical aids in the period between October and December. Immediately after the daily picking, olives are crushed with the farm’s own oil mill, using low temperature processing, and the oil is bottled after being allowed to settle naturally, without being filtered. All processing stages, from tilling to marketing, are certified by the Unaprol system, in compliance with the UNI 10939:2001 standards.
Yearly average production of the oil described in this guide (quintals)
Organoleptic profile
A pale green oil with golden shades. Its scent is delicate fruity with slight aromas of tomato. Its taste is elegant and sweet.
Recommended gastronomic uses
Enhances the flavour of roasted fish and grilled meat.
Natural antioxidant content
Class 2
Olive varieties
Itrana (100%)
Production system
Millstone crushing
Traced by Unaprol

Commercial Information
Bottle type Format (ml) Size (cm) No. of units per carton Weight per carton (kg) Size of carton (cm) No. of cartons per Europallet No. of levels per pallet Weight per pallet (kg)
Width Height Width Height Depth
Can 5000 2 10 36 3 360
Fiorentina 500 6 4 23 31 16.5 60 5 240
Fiorentina 750 6 6 23 31 16.5 60 5 360
Willy, cylindrical 250 12 4 23 31 16.5 60 5 240