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The extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product appreciated and sought after, all over the world.
In last fifty years its production and consumption grew and spreaded in exponential way, also as a consequence of important scientific discoveries that have emphasised its nutritional and healthy properties, as a precious component of a balanced diet.

Surfing the wave of this international trend of satisfaction, more and more farms and oil mills are investing to improve the quality of their extra-virgin, and to show themselves on the market.

This guide, available in italian version, is a useful companion for italian companies, in order to better understand opportunities and procedures of foreign markets.

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In the following you can easily consult information regarding import of Olive Oil in several countries.

Olive Oil Import per Country
France Quantity Value
Germany Quantity Value
Usa Quantity Value
UK Quantity Value
Canada Quantity Value
Japan Quantity Value
China Quantity Value
India Quantity Value
Russia Quantity Value
Brazil Quantity Value