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"Unaprol's Best Traced Oils" is a national competition that awards prizes to the best traced extra virgin olive oils. Oil production traceability makes it possible to trace the history of the oil standing on a consumer's table, going back through its extraction method, the persons involved in its processing and the source of the raw materials. Thanks to Unaprol's traceability system, which complies with UNI 10939:2001 standards, the origins of products are documented and the parties involved are identifiable, thus guaranteeing safety and transparency for consumers.

In 2007, the first edition of the award was held at the SOL fair, in Verona.

Awards are given to the first and second places for each fruitiness category: intense, medium and light.


Established in 1993, this is a national competition that takes place every year in Spoleto.

The competition's symbol is a graphical reinterpretation of the temple of Hercules Victor or Olivarius in Rome. Devoted to the mythical god Hercules (patron of farmers), the temple was built during the 1st century B.C. financed by the Roman corporation of olive oil producers.

The event consists of two stages: a regional selection and a national one.

Awards are given to the first and second places for each fruitiness category (intense, medium and light) amongst regular extra virgin olive oils and PDO ones.

Finally, a special award known as Amphora Olearia is given to the best packaging.




A national competition, its name in Italian refers to a large terracotta jar that in the past was used to store oil.

Established 16 years ago, the competition is held in Gradara (Emilia Romagna), and is organized by the Enohobby Club dei Colli Malatestiani.

Awards are given to the first three places for each fruitiness category: light, medium and intense. Selections include regular extra virgin olive oils as well as organically farmed ones and international extra virgins.

Honourable Mention and Distinction Certificates are also given out, as well as an award for the best artistic label.




A national award held each year in Sorrento. Only PDO extra virgin olive oils may participate.

Its name in Italian (Golden Siren of Sorrento) originates from the mythical creatures that bewitched sailors with their song and drew them to the gulf of Sorrento.

Awards are divided amongst the three fruitiness categories and are given out to the first three places: respectively, the golden, silver and bronze siren.

A Mention of Merit is reserved for finalists, while all participants receive a certificate of participation.



A competition at both the national and international level, which has been giving out awards to the best extra virgin olive oils since 1987. It is held yearly, in Parma (at the CIBUS fair) and in Bari (at the CIBUS-MED) alternately.

Awards are divided amongst the three fruitiness categories: light, medium and intense. First places are awarded the Leone d'oro (Golden Lion) trophy.

Farms whose products have obtained a high overall evaluation index are given a special Honourable Mention certificate.



Already in its 14th edition, it is a national award held in Seneghe (Oristano), called after the mountain range of the same name located in Central-Western Sardinia.

It was established to promote extra virgin olive oil produced and bottled in Italy.

Awards are given out to the first three places amongst extra virgins, organically farmed and PDO/PGI oils.

Other awards:

Award for the 1st place amongst Sardinian oils

Honourable Mentions

Award for best packaging

Participation certificates




An international award established in 1996, which is held in Andria (Bari) and is the annual gathering for all Italian and international organically farmed oils.

There are different award categories and potential awards for second or third places are up to the jury's discretion.

The awards are:

Biol Award for best organically farmed extra virgin olive oil

Biolpack Award for best packaging

Biolblended Award, for the best blended oil, meaning products bottled and marketed under brand names other than the producer's

Biol Apulia, regional awards for the best oils selected by the territorial committees

Special Mentions

Participation Certificates.




An international oil competition held at the SOL fair in Verona (International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fair).

The Sol d'Oro competition's objective is to promote oil production and bring it into the spotlight, specifically referring to the geographic regions of origin. At the same time, its goal is to motivate farms to constantly improve the quality of their products.

Awards are given out to the best extra virgin olive oils in each of the three fruitiness categories. Honourable Mention certificates are also given out.




It is a competition for international extra virgin olive oil production. Its goal is to promote oil through the harmonization of flavour in the food-oil combination in haute cuisine schools and in the international food and catering business.

Extra virgin olive oils from both hemispheres compete for the following awards:

The Alma Trophy, for first and second places amongst the three fruitiness categories: light, medium and intense.

Honourable Mention certificates are given out to the ten highest places after the second, in each category

Participation certificates for all competitors




National flavour award for regular and organically farmed extra virgin olive oils held in Grosseto.

Awards are given out to the first three places amongst the three fruitiness categories (light, medium and intense) for standard, PDO and for organically farmed extra virgin olive oils.



An international competition held in Zurich during the International Olive Oil Congress, currently in its sixth edition.

Extra virgin olive oils compete for the Golden Olive, Silver Olive and a yearly Award, which are given out for each fruitiness category (intense, medium, light).



An international annual competition held at the Los Angeles County Fair.

Special awards are given out to each fruitiness category (first three places divided between local and international oils). Awards are also given out for best packaging.